Off Campus Cuisine: Rosie’s

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English feast can’t be beat

By Kyrsten Downton, Contributor

Nowadays, it is very hard to choose a place to eat in Downtown Vancouver. Not only are there countless restaurants, pubs, and diners, it seems like almost every street has a food truck that has been highlighted on Eat Street. Honestly, how could anyone decide? However, ever since my father took me to Rosie’s before going to a Lions’ game, I have been hooked. Vancouver is a hot spot for great cuisine, and this old-style English pub is no exception.

Rosie’s, on the corner of Robson and Hamilton, is very close to Roger’s Arena, BC Place, and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Not only does it have a comfortable atmosphere, it is the perfect place to grab a drink and eat with some friends before going to a big event. It’s also a great place to dine out with the entire family, including anyone under 19. Rosie’s allows minors to eat there as well, despite being a pub.

The dishes they serve are easily defined as simple comfort food. Every time I bring someone new to the pub, no matter how picky the person is, they have all loved the food they ordered. The prices are very reasonable. You always get a good amount of food on your plate, and it’s always delicious.

I am guilty of being one of those people who orders one item on the menu, falls in love with it, and never orders anything else. The item I am referring to is their roast beef stuffed Yorkshire. The fluffy pastry is stuffed with tender roast beef and served on a plate with green beans, mashed potatoes, and smothered in delicious gravy. It’s honestly the best comfort food I have ever had, and I’ve gotten many other people hooked on this dish, so I know I’m not biased. Or maybe just a bit.

The service at Rosie’s is fantastic, as well. Everyone who works there makes you feel so welcome. They never miss a beat, either. Their timing is great, and they’re incredibly patient and friendly with you. They really help create a great, comfortable atmosphere.

I would recommend Rosie’s to anyone looking for a good place to eat in Vancouver. Not only is the service fantastic and the prices reasonable, but the food is great too. So, do you want to relax and have a beer with a friend downtown? Go to Rosie’s.