Questions to ask Siri with your new Apple TV

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How to short-circuit your electronics by asking it the smallest details

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist

Apple has come out with yet another addition to their lineup of super smart robots (one day they will take over us all, you’ll see). To prepare for this, we at the Other Press have come up with a list—for your own survival, should it come to that—of small details that may just make your technological servants hesitate for a second to think.


How many times did Zoe see Frank in the subway station in House of Cards?


Summarize Game of Thrones so far.


Who is Hannah’s best friend in Girls?


Am I a Jessa?


What does Jess mean by “Save the Date” in New Girl?


Is Max still in Hawaii Five-0?


Why are all of the new heroes in Heroes Reborn children?


How many affairs are there in Episodes?


What did people think about the season finale of season eight of Doctor Who?


What is Tahiti in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Show me the episode of Murdoch Mysteries that Stephen Harper guest starred in.


Does Selina Meyer like her job in Veep?


This exercise in confusing Siri works especially well if you add “without spoilers” to the end of each question.


This piece is a satirical humour article.