SPOTLIGHT: Excelling overseas

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DSU Chinese Students and Scholars Association

By Aaron Guillen, Staff Reporter


International students can count on the fact that they aren’t the first to feel alone.

The Other Press conducted a brief interview with Zhao Feng Wei, President of the DSU Chinese Students and Scholars Association (DCCSSA). Zhao wants students to know that his club is open to all cultures, not just Chinese.


The Other Press: “Why do you believe students want to be a part of the DCCSSA?”

Zhao: “We devote [our time] to help Chinese students in their studies and [adjusting to] life in Canada. If they have any trouble and ask us for help, we will be willing to help them. Additionally, we would like to advertise Chinese culture for non-Chinese students, for any non-Chinese students interested in Chinese culture.”

OP: “Who started this club? How long has the club been active? How many people are involved in leadership roles and attendance?”

Zhao: “I cannot remember who started the club, but I know the first leader began the club six years [ago]. We have 5 members in leadership roles and almost 20 regular attendees.”

OP: “How do you help Chinese students and scholars? Why is it important to the members of this club that it exists?”

Zhao: “We help each other through WeChat. We frequently post information about how-to’s, such as registering for next semester’s courses, transferring to universities, and so on. We also share any student discounts or deals we may find. In addition, it’s important to members that there is a place so we can help them with their major courses.”

OP: “Why are you in the club and why do you continue to stay? How has this club helped you develop as a person?”

Zhao: “Simply put, since I am leader of this club, it is my responsibility. [Being in the club] has pushed me to study and work better, but also stress. Luckily, this good stress pushes me to excel.”

OP: “Is the DCCSSA an exclusive club or can anyone join?”

Zhao: “Anyone can join. In the past, our events only focused on Chinese students. However, I want to change this situation. We hope we can hold some events in the near future for all Douglas College students.”


In the past, the DCCSSA has held various events, including BBQs and Chinese traditional festivals. Looking to the future, Zhao hopes to plan at least two to three events every month, with a basketball scrimmage and another barbecue in the works.

To connect with the DCCSSA, email or text 778-895-8992 for more information.