That’s a wrap!

We did it. If you’re reading this, then two things are true: 1) you probably are taking a much-needed break from cramming for exams and 2) we’ve managed to churn out another year’s worth of The Other Press.

While we still publish a few very special summer issues, today’s issue is as nostalgic for me as this Harmon-less season of Community. For the past three years, my life has revolved around the OP: writing, editing, and planning for its future. So, as my time at the grind comes to an end, I have a few things to get off my chest.

Student journalism is important.

Sure, it’s rare for Canadian college students to crack groundbreaking news, but student newspapers like The Other Press are a creative breeding ground for people with talent and drive to explore their passion and gain experience. As a working professional now a year out of school, it’s Lucite-clear what a difference this opportunity can make once you get into the real world. The first thing I ever contributed to The Other Press was a timidly-written 300-word article about my personal distaste for Uggs; I feel like I’ve come a long way. This issue showcases a feature by former Other Press editor Liam Britten—now an up-and-coming journalist whose work has been featured in major publications like the Metro. If you are a student and you want to be a writer, editor, photographer, or creative person, I can’t stress how strongly I recommend coming out to play the student journalism game.

You can’t expect the world to be fair or people to be kind. Though sometimes, they are.

This year at the helm of The Other Press has been one of major personal growth. I’m no ingenue, but looking back to September, I have definitely been naïve. As a lifelong introvert, I’d spent so much time with my head in the books that I didn’t realize that human nature is sometimes shitty: people who you thought were friends will turn on you, people will make terrible mistakes, and people will disappoint you in surprisingly (and sometimes comically) horrible ways. This all sucks, and has been eye-opening to a girl who started off the year with a Pollyanna-lite mentality. However, as startling as the dark side of human nature has been (my own darkness woefully included), I’ve also come to see that there is a lot of unexpected kindness just waiting to pop up. Going forward, I’m going to make more of an effort to forgive, and to be forgivable, in my life and work. It’s the only way to not go insane.


I’m extremely proud of the 28 issues that we have produced this year. I’ve read the archives of The Other Press, and I truly believe that the current crop of editors, managers, writers, and contributors is the most talented, innovative, and hard-working group to ever grace these pages. If you’re reading this, chances are that you agree with me. Congratulations to everyone at The Other Press, and to all the staff and students at Douglas College, for finishing another year. Have a great summer.