That’s what I like

Photo by Anna Machuik

All the snacks I need to watch a movie
By Tariq Ghanzi, Contributor

It’s movie time, therefore it’s popcorn time

I like butter and I like salt.

We can hear the pop-pop-pop from the kitchen

But don’t you dare forget about them,

Cause if you do, they’ll start burning,

I can smell it now too, yuck.

But it’s cool, we can get some Cracker Jacks.

I like caramel and I like peanuts.

In fact, you can’t go wrong with that.

But I’m hungry,

Got the munchies,

Let’s make nachos and watch something

I can’t pronounce Jaloponoknees but I like them on my nachos.

But I’m lazy and the movie has already started,

Chips and salsa it is and easy is what we do.

But I want candy and I want sweetness,

So M&Ms and Ice cream I need.

Maybe I’ll have trail mix, a few peanuts and some raisins

Sprinkle Smarties and add some Cashews. That’s a snack I like