‘Uncharted’ Review

Illustration by Athena Little

*Spoiler alert* but the movie is so formulaic it doesn’t matter anyway
By Joseph Agosti, Contributor

The main problem the film runs into—one that even the most relaxed moviegoer will encounter—is predictableness.

2022’s Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, the beloved hero from the popular video game franchise, is pretty decent. While the physics are laughable, the story is cliched, and the plot predictable, there is fun to be had if you can turn your brain off and enjoy the ride. If you can squint past all the negatives, there are quite a few redeeming aspects of the movie. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg have solid buddy chemistry, the visuals and locations are beautiful, and there are some fun action set pieces that, no matter how implausible, had me grinning like a dumbass in the theatre.

The film’s plot is pretty standard action-adventure fun; the protagonist teams up with a shady treasure hunter to find a magical MacGuffin. Pretty standard stuff, but the actors are enjoying it so that’s cool. The main problem the film runs into—one that even the most relaxed moviegoer will encounter—is predictableness. At one point, Wahlberg’s old friend joins Holland and helps him on the quest for the magical MacGuffin. The friend, Chloe Frazer, played by Sophia Ali, eventually betrays Holland’s Drake in a pretty predictable fashion despite Drake having saved her life about 30 minutes prior. Instances like this, despite the movie having a relatively comedic tone, drag it down into formulaic predictability. Besides Chloe Frazer, the supporting cast is very weak as Antonio Banderas gets killed off early on while the villains are extremely forgettable.

Enough complaining though, let’s get into some fun aspects of the film. Like I said before, Tom Holland is excellent as the scheming treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Holland is a rising star in the industry and it’s clear to see why so many studios are lining up for his services in non-Spider-Man roles. Mark Wahlberg is solid as well, although by taking a backseat to Holland, he isn’t as able to show his physical chops as much. As said previously, the sets and CGI are unbelievable, which is a nice change of pace by Sony, who normally struggles with CGI (Venom). The film also has a nice heartwarming ending where it is revealed that Drake’s long-lost brother Sam is still alive and trying to reach him (this was something I had predicted early on in my viewing but had completely forgotten about by the post-credit scene where it was shown). 

All together, Uncharted is a fun movie to see with your family or a couple of friends. There is plenty to enjoy from the strong performances by Holland and Wahlberg and the impressive locations and visuals. If you can manage to turn your brain off and enjoy a fast-paced, action-adventure epic in the vein of Fast and Furious, then you should enjoy Uncharted.