The Jock Trap

By Josh Martin, Sports Editor 

What’s your favourite sports memory?

 Jock Trap - Chatz Gaur

Chatz Gaur, second-year Associate of Arts

“[M]e and my friends beat these seniors at basketball. They were picking on us and then challenged us to a match and we beat them. [They were] two years older than us. We beat them quite bad. I think our score was like double theirs. It was just me and one of my friends and three of them.”


Jock Trap -PANTEYA Niazi


Panteya Niazi, first-year Psychology

“Well I’ve been doing kick-boxing since I was eight and I remember I was getting my black belt and I had to spar someone and he was [a few inches] taller than me, so he had a huge advantage. We were sparring and he kicked me in the head but it hit my eye instead so my head just [kicked back] and everyone was like ‘Woah! What happened?’ It wasn’t really a big deal because we wear gear, so he had his shoe and I had my helmet but obviously I don’t have goggles, so it kind of hurt. But then I kind of shook it off and continued to spar because I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to get upset about it. And then everyone started cheering for me because they thought I was getting hurt, but I didn’t get hurt. I kind of [beat him up] and I won. It was fun times.”


Images by Josh Martin.