The Other Playlist

L&S_Other playlist

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor


When you work as hard as we here at the Other Press, sometimes you just need that one song to inspire you, or power you through your day. Here are the songs that some of our staff have had on their minds this past month! Listen to the playlist by searching “The Other Playlist by The OP” or by following the link on our YouTube channel.

  1. Wake (Live) by Hillsong Young & Free (Aaron)
  2. Beauty and the Beast by Ariana Grande and John Legend (Analyn)
  3. I Will Wait by Bombadil (Chandler)
  4. 3WW by Alt-J (Carlos)
  5. Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders (Davie)
  6. Save Today by Seether (Caroline)
  7. That Other Girl by Sevdaliza (Brittney)
  8. Liability by Lorde (Lauren K.)