Tips on curbing procrastination


Tip #1: Don’t put it off!

By Katie Czenczek, Staff Writer


So, you have a procrastination… er, what’s the word? I’ve completely forgotten it. I’ll have to look it up on Google. What’s that word that describes—me? Oh, I want to see what that is. Time to take a quiz. Apparently, the one word that describes me best is optimistic! Like, I’m optimistic that I’ll finish writing this article on time? That doesn’t sound right, I’ll have to try another quiz. Internet quizzes really are extremely reliable sources of information to teach you about yourself, and are not at all vague enough to describe basically anyone, to some extent.

Back to work. Okay, the word for an issue you struggle with, I can do this… No, I can’t. That’s okay, I’ll move on for now and come back to it.

It’s that time of the year again: The semester is almost over, and you’re in the calm period before the storm cloud of assignments comes raining down on you. You feel like you have a lot of time to finish everything, and believe in your ability to frantically write an essay the night before without putting any research into it beforehand. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve been doing this for years. The only problem with your method this time is that you happen to have two essays due on the same day and another due the day before. What ever will you do?

What ever will I do? I have to apply to transfer to UBC before December 1 in order to be eligible for scholarships, but I still haven’t requested my final transcripts. How long does it take to print off a sheet of paper, or two? Three, four days at the most? I haven’t even caught up on Stranger Things, and I’ve been stuck on chapter four of the book I’ve been trying to read since the beginning of the semester. I’ve been working really hard. Wait, have I been at this for an hour or more? Maybe I can take a quick break.

Okay, after that well-deserved five-hour break I’m back in action. Where was I again? Oh yeah, procrastination.

A tip I always found helped me curb my problem with procrastination is writing a list of all the things I need to get done. Make sure the list isn’t too long or else you might get anxious from just looking at it. Tackle one thing at time and it’ll help you stay focused.

You know, what would make this go faster is some music. Onto YouTube I go. I’m not sure if I should listen to some ’90s hip-hop throwbacks, or go for something a little more modern. I guess I’ll go with recommended videos. I haven’t seen this new video yet, maybe if I watch only this one I’ll still be able to finish my work on time.

Ten music videos later, and it’s starting to get late. My brain is getting fried, and I don’t know if I can focus anymore. Would it be better to sleep now and wake up early? If I woke up early, I’d have time pressuring me to keep pressing forward. I do my best writing when I have a limited amount of time.

No, I better keep going. I’ll try to remember that word I forgot. Crap, I still don’t remember. What’s my problem?

Fuck it, I’ll finish this tomorrow.