Who’s ready for a fight?

‘EA Sports UFC’ PS4 game review

By Steven Cayer, Senior Columnist


It’s been a long four years since a UFC game came out, and I’ve been left wondering: has it been long enough? In short, yes and no. Since the company that made the last game, THQ, has gone with the wind, EA Sports has decided to pick up the pieces and release EA Sports UFC.

Created exclusively for the next-gen consoles, it’s completely evident in the visuals. It has the best character animations I’ve ever seen in a video game to date, making their personality and behaviours like their counterparts.

It’s visually stunning, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that they have barely anything in terms of gameplay. They have Challenge Mode, where the game teaches you the plethora of moves and combos. Then you can use those moves in the seemingly endless and repetitive Career Mode, where you train, fight, and upgrade your fighter, then repeat. If the fights had a realistic sense of fear that you might have if you were really fighting in the octagon, it would’ve made it a lot more fun.

The saving grace of this game is its online fights. You can choose any fighter and try to get promoted to the next belt. It was really fun playing against actual people for a change.

If you are a huge UFC fan, by all means get this game. If you’re not, like me, at least wait until it’s at a better price.