Work out while you put out

Six most athletic sex positions

By Jessica Berget, Staff Writer


I hate working out, but I love having sex. So, what better thing to combine my workouts with than something I actually enjoy doing? Fortunately—if you’re getting any—sex can be a pretty intense physical activity, so here are just some athletic sexual positions that can be used as a workout, or even just to work up a good sweat.

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Turns out, the most vanilla position is the best position for your core. Since there is quite a bit of thrusting involved, your core muscles are engaged, which will help improve your core strength over time. There are advantages for both participants, whether you’re on top or bottom. Planking yourself over your partner while you’re on top is a great way to work out your quadriceps, your abdomen, and even the gluteus maximus. If you’re on bottom, thrusting into your partner while squeezing your buttocks is a great way to work out your glutes.

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The Wheelbarrow

It’s not the sexiest name for a sex position, but it is a fun one, and one that requires a lot of upper body strength for both participants. This position will leave your shoulders burning, as if you were just lifting weights at the gym, making this one of the more athletic positions on this list.

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Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Whichever cowgirl or cowboy you are, this position will leave your gluteus maximized. With the standard Cowgirl position, the person on top has their legs firmly placed on the bed or floor and thrusts up and down, which engages their core, butt and even their thighs. This position works up quite the sweat (believe me), so you may as well stay home from the gym. Meanwhile, the person on bottom has the option to thrust upwards, also engaging their core, as well as their pelvic area.

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Stand and Deliver

You won’t be needing a bed for this position, making it great for an afternoon quickie, or for when you just can’t wait to get back home. This one enables both participants to utilize their upper body strength, as whoever is the stander must lift their partner for a period of time. The leg and core muscles are also engaged as the stander must both keep their balance and thrust into their partner simultaneously. This is also a great upper body workout for the receiver as they hold onto their partner, and work their core to keep themselves balanced.

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The Lotus

If you’re looking for a more up-close and intimate position to work your core and butt, look no further. Similar to the missionary position, the lotus position engages your core muscles and works your glutes as you thrust into your partner.

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The Bridge

If you’re skipping the gym to have sex, this is your go to position. This pose is not recommended for amateurs or for banging on the daily, as it requires quite a bit of strength. Using all four limbs to hold up your own body, your partner holds up your lower body and thrusts into you, working out almost all the essential muscles. Your biceps, triceps, abdomen, quads, glutes, and calves are all at play here as you try to stabilize yourself, making this the most athletic position on our list.