Who are the Transit Police?

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

“I would like everyone to know that Transit Police officers are on the transit system to keep everyone who uses our system as safe as possible.” – Anne Drennan, spokesperson for the Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Out of the Blues

Photo by Sean Velasco

“We were really chasing the game for the majority of it.” – Chris Laxton, Royals head coach

Déjà vu?

Photo by Sean Velasco

Kell is on a scoring bonanza, netting three in her last two games.

Rolling through the rough

Sports_Mens soccer

Williams will be looking to turn the jets on. So far, he’s struggled to be the prolific goal scorer that his team has needed him to be.

Surprise, surprise!

Photo by Sean Velasco

It was a controversial game to say the least. The referee was centre stage as he issued two penalties and one red card, directly influencing the match

A poor man’s Ultimate

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Part of me assumed disc golf was the same thing as lawn bowling, but when the day came and I met my date at the course, I realized I was very, very mistaken.