The backstage takes centre stage

Even though the Music Technology Diploma is new, this year’s crop of graduates seems already jam-packed with musicality and professionalism.

Chairman of the board: How to get a head

Illustration by Ed Appleby

Guillotine mitigates its morbid themes though humour. Illustrations are very approachable and funny and the actions cards tell a story of the ill-fated proletarians trying desperately to delay or avoid their fate.

A surprise hit

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks

There were a lot of jokes in the film that were very vulgar, so the film could be funnier for adults than for children, though this film is a children’s film.

The optimism of ‘Star Trek’

Screenshot from Star Trek

One of the most famous examples of its commitment to portraying a truly post-racial society was having Kirk and Uhara kiss, the first-ever interracial kiss on camera.

Bad cops

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Police Academy uses the idea of a disrupted patriarchal institution for comedic effect.

Journey to gold

This year’s winners, Blake Rayment and Hannah Ewing, tied for first-place and both received gold awards.

Full of scares, but lacking depth

Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson in Life via Sony Pictures

When it comes to suspense and shock, this movie is not lacking. The alien life-form the crew discovers grows in its fear factor whenever it appears on-screen.