What in the world is Wakanda?

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Throughout its long history in the [Marvel] comics, Wakanda is used as a vehicle to explore colonialism, the morality of monarchy, eastern African culture, and many other high-minded philosophical concepts.

No shame or stigma, just laughs

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“I hope it personalizes all those labels, and [audiences] have to see the people behind those labels.” – David Granirer, founder of Stand Up For Mental Health

The art of Shane Koyczan

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The documentary explores his work process of how he writes and performs his poems, and we see them come to life through archival material and new material specially made for the documentary.

Call for student and employee artists

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“It’s a great tradition that we have here at the college every few years, to have a show that’s so inclusive of people who spend their days at the college, whether employees or students.” – Nancy Walker

Combating stigma through comedy

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“It’s time that we start talking about it. It’s time that we make it … a part of our regular conversation.” – Stephanie Haslam, Interim Manager of Student Engagement