The Other Playlist

We’re feeling the love here at the Other Press office, but February isn’t all about getting it on like Donkey Kong—it’s a time for family too.

Hit the spot

Illustration by Ed Appleby

Known as the G-spot in women, and the P-spot in men, this little bundle of nerves is the hot key to romantic success. But where do you find such an elusive temptation?

Get Good vol. 3

One of the advantages of PC gaming is that the use of a keyboard offers you more buttons to have active powers or skills assigned to.

Myers-Brigg Personality Types

Image via Disney Pixar

The beauty about taking this personality test is that you get to know more about yourself, since it assigns you to one of the 16 personality models that could potentially describe you.

Beautiful Beasts

Image via

The People’s Choice Awards offer a slightly less formal environment for celebrities to explore fashion—and at times, play with various silhouettes.

Get Good vol. 2

Image via

Try joining your friends in something like a team-based strategy or battle arena game. This will ensure that you can all play together, even if you are a pleb.