Now leaving, your comfort zone


Comfort has a price. When you have it, you’re a willing participant, cocooned in its luxury. Your world is grounded in the known, leaving even the new and unbeknownst to jive with the rhythm of the ruling rumba: familiarity.

Ride (just ride)


The first few months of my term as EIC have been a veritable roller coaster, quandary, and pleasure. I stepped into the role, green as our floors—due in equal measure to fresh-facedness and anxiety—and was bombarded with issues right outta the gate.

Love thy selfie


I take too many selfies. I know I’m not supposed to admit to such narcissism, acknowledging that the shallow depths of my self-reflection mirror those of Narcissus.

The blame game


The #BeenRapedNeverReported trend was started by Antonia Zerbisias of the Toronto Star and her friend, to empower women who have chosen not to report a crime against them.

De-icking ichor

American Apparel shirt. Illustration by Alice Lancaster

Last year, Petra F. Collins and Alice Lancaster brought a shirt to American Apparel and the masses. A shirt that was, in every sense of the word, provocative.

I want candy

Freaks and Geeks go trick-or-treating

Halloween is upon us, you mysterious guys, gals, and ghoulish poltergeists. For many of us, this means imbibing heavily between fistfuls of candy

Eastside & down


The Downtown Eastside (DTES) has been in the news a lot, what with the tent city in Oppenheimer Park gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Game changer


Sports fans, get ready to hate me: as of this issue, my first lasting act as Editor-in-Chief is to cut the Sports section. Now, don’t get riled up right away; I haven’t been harbouring some deep-seated hatred for the Sports section, plotting a vendetta to control, select all, and delete the athletic content from our pages.

If you just smile

Art by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

I was walking home from the SkyTrain one night when out of the shadows emerged a hooded face with a gravelly voice. “Smile, beautiful, it’s hard to keep a straight face like that,” he said to me as I hastened my pace and evaded his gaze.

This Lettitor brought to you by…

Lettitor_huell money breaking bad

The Other Press and other student newspapers are in a very particular position: industry newspapers are feeling the clout of newsprint’s gradual decline, and pandering to advertisers is often necessary to stay afloat.