Eastside & down


The Downtown Eastside (DTES) has been in the news a lot, what with the tent city in Oppenheimer Park gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Game changer


Sports fans, get ready to hate me: as of this issue, my first lasting act as Editor-in-Chief is to cut the Sports section. Now, don’t get riled up right away; I haven’t been harbouring some deep-seated hatred for the Sports section, plotting a vendetta to control, select all, and delete the athletic content from our pages.

If you just smile

Art by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

I was walking home from the SkyTrain one night when out of the shadows emerged a hooded face with a gravelly voice. “Smile, beautiful, it’s hard to keep a straight face like that,” he said to me as I hastened my pace and evaded his gaze.

This Lettitor brought to you by…

Lettitor_huell money breaking bad

The Other Press and other student newspapers are in a very particular position: industry newspapers are feeling the clout of newsprint’s gradual decline, and pandering to advertisers is often necessary to stay afloat.

Not everything is in black and Whitecaps


Recently the Whitecaps released a series of advertisements. The premise of the ad campaign was to show recordings of Whitecaps ticket-holders at games reacting to the drama of the competition.

Revealing information


Confession: I’ve sent nude photos. They were a handful of pictures of my breasts—all slightly out of focus but clear in their revealing nature—which I sent to my then-boyfriend.

Funny Girl

Humour me for a moment as I meander through history. In 1969, Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand tied for...

You don’t have to go home (but you can’t stay here)


Excited. Anxious. Relieved. Heartbroken. Generally content about it all. They’re all states I found myself in at least once—if not simultaneously—during the writing of this here Lettitor. If we’re to be completely honest with each other, I’ve been putting it off for a while.