Married to tradition?


Welcome, dear reader, to the Premature Love edition—our second themed issue of the year. We don’t publish over reading break so this is the closest we get to Valentine’s Day, and seeing as this is the Other Press, we never like to do things exactly by the book.

Feminism passing on

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It has been a tough start to the year for the world’s heartstrings. Seemingly a litany of beloved figures have shuffled off of this mortal coil. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Alan Rickman, to name but a few.

Portrait of a profile

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Our social media feeds blew up last week with reports surfacing of police searching for three “Middle Eastern” men seen taking photos of the entrances and exits of Pacific Centre Mall.

And now for something completely different


The Other Press has hit a special milestone this year: everyone’s favourite student publication is 40. Sure, 40 may not be that old in the grand scheme of things, and compared to other papers (such as the University of New Brunswick’s The Brunswickan—set to hit their 150th year of existence in 2017), the OP is fairly young, but it’s there.

A good empty


Well, we’ve made it. The last issue of the Fall semester. The next time the Other Press hits the stands will be in frigid January days. January 2016.


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Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Facebook. I am no fan of social media. My Facebook page only sees moderately more attention than my garden, and seeing as my “garden” is a single Venus flytrap—dead, mind you—it’s not hard to disinterestedly paint a picture of my usage.

Chill out, lay back

David Hyde Pierce & Kelsey Grammer in Frasier

Hold on, dear comrades, a much-needed break is near. Those lazy days in bed with nothing to do but consume hot chocolate and eggnog by the gallon while indulging in mind-numbing programming are almost here. December is looming large

Maturity leave

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I’m at a marvelous point in life where I am financially self-sufficient but still short of that next step—when one settles into a real job and can truly start making some decent bank.


Somewhat ironically, there is an occasion often lost in the hurried commercial changeover between Halloween and Christmas.