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I am a strong advocate for straight shooting: say what you mean and mean what you say. No games. No finagling. And definitely don’t try to appear magnanimous when your ulterior motives are entirely selfish.


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Ah, the 21st century: a time of progression, improvement, and constructive discussion. Not to say that there aren’t still problems.

Fourth and long

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The NFL Combine each year is a meat market. Players are poked, prodded, and interrogated as teams try to figure out who is worth spending a valuable draft pick on.

About face

Facebook China

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently polluted social media feeds with a photo of himself on a run through Tiananmen Square as part of a fitness challenge “A Year of Running.”

Erin go, brah

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I have always been a fan of St. Patrick’s Day. My grandmother was Irish, so that lifeline has been clung to throughout my existence. Robbie Keane jerseys, Bailey’s whenever possible, a relatively fake taste for the ever-poorly travelling Guinness whenever the folks were looking the other way, and a miserable affected accent were staples of my childhood.

Life in the fast Lent


We’re in the midst of Lent right now—the Christian time of fasting for 40 days and 40 nights to represent Christ’s time in the desert. To be perfectly frank, I had not even realized Lent had started until I looked it up today.



DSU elections are this week. Two words for you: go vote.



This past weekend, the Other Press headed down to Los Angeles for the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) National Journalism Convention—a conference bringing together student newspapers from all over the United States as well as a few from Canada, including SFU and UBC.

Dream on

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I love sleeping. Bed, cat, pillows, blankets that go on for days—no need to ask me twice.

Married to tradition?


Welcome, dear reader, to the Premature Love edition—our second themed issue of the year. We don’t publish over reading break so this is the closest we get to Valentine’s Day, and seeing as this is the Other Press, we never like to do things exactly by the book.