Friend or foe?

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I was recently scrolling through Facebook, late one hungover morning, when I noticed that one of the highest trending topics of the day was Chloë Sevigny saying that Jennifer Lawrence was “annoying” and “too crass.” Looking more into this apparently breaking news, I found that it was a two-second blip in an interview, wherein she was talking about the marketing of movie stars.

The write idea

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There comes a point in every Other Press Editor-in-Chief’s career when they get a little bit burnt out and exhausted, and the weekly writing of a 500-or-so-word Lettitor becomes increasingly daunting. I feel I reached that point months ago, and have attempted to truck along as though I have all the inspo in the world.

Food for thought

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Over the last few years, I’ve had a relationship with food that seems perpetually in flux. When I was 17, I became a pescatarian because I read it was more environmentally friendly to not eat meat. Indeed, in Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer notes that factory farming is more detrimental to the environment than driving

I’m a motherfuckin’ Munster

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Appearance and physicality are central aspects of fashion. All you have to do is look at the relative uniformity of the modelling world to know that. Few models challenge the standard slender, tall figures that dominate runways and fashion spreads—”plus-size” models tend to be anyone between a size six and size 14.

Ode to IUD

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It’s been six months that we’ve been together, and I never knew how cared for and carefree I could be until you entered my life. It was difficult and even uncomfortable at first. I was nervous, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, but I knew that it was right—or at least, that I would never find out if it was right unless I gave it a shot.

I love bad bitches


I had some trouble coming up with what to write about for this Lettitor, to be honest. I briefly considered writing about da bae, but I empathize with those who would find a 600-word piece on my happiness sickeningly saccharine. Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is among the most overwhelmingly caloric of all the sweet holidays, and I think I would blush with embarrassment if I spent editorial space on giving people cavities.

Nudity and bravery

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Nudity is, paradoxically, both emblematic of strength and of vulnerability. Daenerys Targaryen, (spoilers!) emerging from the ashes of her husband’s ritual cremation with dragon triplets, represents strength

Where’s Johnny?


Your friendly neighbourhood newspaper recently went to a national student journalism conference in Ottawa; there, campus papers across Canada congregated to learn, drink, and celebrate the best of the best in the form of the annual ceremony, the JHM awards (affectionately referred to as the Johnny’s). Unfortunately, your friendly neighbourhood newspaper was not nominated for any awards.

‘Delicious ambiguity’

Gilda Radner

I recently had to fill out a sheet, outlining my plans and goals for the next two years—two years. I looked down at my next couple years of existence, glossing over birthdays, events, moments of stress and joy, arguments, sweet nothings, and all the rest that makes up the bulk of our lives.