The affair: East Vancouver style

Screenshot from Meditation Park

The film shows various places in East Vancouver that everyone in the city knows including Chinatown, Pacific Coliseum, and the neighbouring houses that are near the PNE.

What does ‘home’ feel like?

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“We’re looking at the idea of home in a very broad sense but also connecting it back to New Westminster.” – Biliana Velkova, Arts Coordinator of New Westminster

A hero in another way

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Now, there is another film about the bombing that focuses on the true story of one of the victims, who has also become the face of the bombing: Stronger.

Losses hit Hollywood hard over poor summer

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The poor year may spell trouble for Vancouver’s slowing film industry as particularly expensive blockbusters, most noticeably Deadpool 2 and an unnamed The Lego Movie sequel, prepare for release within the next two years.