Another tank of laughs with ‘Corner Gas Animated’


“It seems as though we’ve hit that sweet spot that we were hoping for. People who really enjoyed the original show are liking the new version, and people who are coming to Corner Gas for the first time are enjoying this version.” – Brent Butt, creator and star of Corner Gas Animated

High-stakes action and adventure in CBC’s ‘Caught’

Image from CBC

“The characters, their backstories, what they want, and their obstacles, all those kinds of things are front and foremost. We tried not to hang too much on the time and place. We just wanted them to live in it.” – Alan Hawco, star and showrunner of Caught

Journey to gold

This year’s winners, Blake Rayment and Hannah Ewing, tied for first-place and both received gold awards.

The beauty of love and nature

Photo by Cheryl Minns
Artist explores meaning behind her latest exhibit ‘Jayeonmi’ By Cheryl Minns, Senior Columnist Making art is about telling stories...