A warm spring breeze…

LettitorBy Bex Peterson, Editor-in-Chief


As I write this, it’s about 20 degrees Celsius outside, and set to stay this warm through to Wednesday. Hard to believe that we were trapped in the midst of a Lower Mainland snowpocalypse only a few weeks ago.

I still couldn’t quite believe the weather when I left the house this morning. I switched over from my heavy-duty winter coat to my slightly lighter winter coat, leaving me still far too overdressed. But the spring equinox will be coming upon us this Thursday, so I guess it’s official—the season is changing.

(Just wait, I’ve gone and cursed it now; we’ll be buried in three feet of snow this time next week for sure.)

It’s hard to believe that we’re already barrelling towards the end of the semester at what feels like a breakneck pace—my final semester at Douglas too, by the way. I’ll save all my nostalgia for a future Lettitor, but suffice to say, things are starting to wrap up. Final projects are due, grad applications are being reviewed, some of us are waiting to hear if our transfers to other institutions have been successful (unless you’re one of the smart ones who submitted all your applications early). Change is in the air.

I decided a few years ago that spring is my favourite season, which feels strange to say given that aesthetically I’m much more of a fall and winter person. Spring has a hopeful, transformative quality lacking in other seasons, a changeable nature. Spring blows in with warm winds and frigid storms, temperate blue-sky days and wet, grey weekends. There’s a pause once the winter semester finishes that really does feel like a breath of fresh air, even if you go on to take a summer semester.

(Fun fact: Summer is my least favourite season. I love everything about spring up until about June, then the weather gets too hot and the sun is far too bright, forcing me to retreat into the coolest part of the house and wait it out until September and October comes barrelling in again.)

I’m excited for what spring has to offer this year. On Thursday I’ll be chopping off my many, many inches of hair—shedding my winter coat, if you will—for the first time in years. I notice that many people take the opportunity for a fresh start afforded by the changing season to make those big, optimistic life choices you need a few ounces of bravery to get going with. Two of my best friends are leaving the Lower Mainland for Calgary; one of my other friends has decided to go back to school after years of working; my sister wants to take a road trip down to California and I plan to join her; my parents are finally, finally taking that trip to France they’ve been saving up for and dreaming of for at least the past 10 years.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy and stressful for me, and probably for you as well. But there’s hope on the horizon, and a chance for something entirely new, if we can get through it. In the meantime, we can enjoy the hint of better things to come—a warm spring breeze, and an unseasonably bright, sunny day.


Until next issue,


Bex Peterson