Aliens: Colonial Mediocrity

Screencapture from “Aliens: Colonial Marines.”
Screencapture from “Aliens: Colonial Marines.”

By Dylan Jonas, Contributor


In a drunken stupor I preordered Aliens: Colonial Marines (released February 12) on Steam, and after sobering up, realized I irresponsibly spent money on a game I had previously never heard of. Rather than argue with myself though, I decided to give the game a chance.

In Aliens: Colonial Marines, you are, as you may have already guessed, a marine in space, shooting aliens with a gun (what else could a boy want?), and that’s about as complicated as it gets. But as you trek on, you start to notice some of the game’s negative qualities. Enemy xenomorphs glide across or simply fall through the floor upon being shot. The environments are dark, murky, and painful to look at. But the worst part, which one should notice right away, are the controls. When you have to look up in the menu how to do something more than once, like I did, you know something is severely wrong. After an hour of playing I had to stop, knowing if I continued I might do something regrettable.

But would I regret that action more than buying this game? I have to say no. Few things in life would be more regrettable than paying full price for a game of this quality. If you see it in a discount bin in a few years then maybe take a look, but pass on it for now.