An ode to spicy food

Photo by Jorge Villleda

Thank goodness it’s hot
By Joseph Astana, Contributor

It’s so hot and so tasty
There will be sweat dripping down my brow
My tongue will tingle
My eyes might water
It doesn’t matter, I still love it

George Costanza once said that
“George likes his chicken spicy”
So does Joseph
That’s why I can’t understand people who fear the spice
The people who wince at black pepper
The people you could murder with a jalapeno
Joseph doesn’t understand those people.

But the important thing here is the ode
The ode to spicy food
Spicy curry, I want that
Spicy Korean food, give me another plate
Hot peppers, just one more and I’ll be happy
Make my Pad Thai extra hot while we are at it.

It’s so hot and tasty
I might sweat more than a little
My mouth will burn
I might even cry
It doesn’t matter because I still love it