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Frozen (with embarrassment)

By Kirsten Scott-Wuori, Contributor

Did you forget to wear a shirt today? Did you wear too many shirts today? Were you so hungry after lunch that you found yourself eating barely-trash Timbits from the cafeteria garbage can? Did you get your period in any memorable way? We want to know about it. We know that there are times in your life when you look at yourself and you can barely believe the shameful person looking back at you—but don’t worry! There’s absolutely absolution in sharing. Get it off your chest. Send us your most cringe-worthy confessions at, and spread the shame.

Let me just preface this story by telling you how much I love Disney. The movies, the music, and the magic—it’s all good in my books. When Frozen came out last year I was hooked; it was old-school Disney—the animation didn’t make me cringe, and don’t even get me started about that soundtrack. Amazing. I wasted no time purchasing both the movie and soundtrack—which brings me back to my story.

As I was pulling into the Douglas parking lot, “Let It Go” came on, and I had to sing along. I parked my car in a quiet corner of the lot, and got into the song. When I finished belting those high notes and opened my eyes (because eyes cannot be open for a power ballad), I noticed that there was someone parked beside me, and that someone happened to be a guy in the class that I was now late for thanks to my musical moment. He had clearly just stopped to watch my performance.

I waited for a few minutes, pretending I didn’t see him, but we both knew he had. He made his way to the elevator, I made mine to the exit.

—Disney Princess, 22, New West