High-waisted bell-bottom slacks

Image via popularculture1970.com
Image via popularculture1970.com

The perfect pant for men and women

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Looking long and lean has been everyone’s goal since the dawn of time, but what if I told you that the perfect pant for both men and women was unisex? That’s right, the high-waisted, bell-bottom slack has taken over and it has everyone looking spectacular!

Available in a variety of fabrics and colours, this trend has hit the streets with a vengeance.

For women, it provides the perfect shape to slim their waist, cinching in those troubling love handles to create the perfect hourglass figure. Even if you have narrow hips, the volume at the bottom of the pant leg will offset your silhouette dramatically, making your thighs appear slimmer so your hips look more rotund. Couple this look with a large belt to further accentuate and shrink your waistline, as well as camouflage any belly fat.

For men, a tighter waistline makes you look more barrel-chested, and the tight fit through the groin highlights any “endowments” you might want to put on display for the ladies. Either way, your little sister might not be the only one stuffing this summer.

In order to ensure the perfect fit, make sure that your slacks are skin-tight through the seat and thigh of the pants. This will encase your buttocks, forming them into the perfect shape no matter your gender. Also bring along your favourite pair of platforms, so you can make sure that the hem of the pant ends at the base of your shoe. This will make you look taller by physically increasing your height to gargantuan proportions, and by association you will automatically appear leaner.

Your slacks should be made of a strong, thick fabric, like denim or a synthetic alternative. This will make sure that nothing bags out. A synthetic fabric, like polyester, will not only look sharp and crisp, but it also won’t stretch or breathe so you know you’ll get plenty of wears out of it before you eventually have to replace it in the year 2200. Buying synthetic also means you won’t get stuck ironing them—just wear and go. But there is something to be said for the classic look of a nice tight denim or corduroy. These more natural fibers are better for hiding troublesome lumps and bumps, so if you’ve been hitting the Twinkies more than the gym, you won’t have to worry—just let the pants do the work for you!