What’s in your stars this time?

By Isabelle Orr, Entertainment Editor


I look to the stars to tell your weekly horoscope! What do they mean? Only you can tell!



Have you been questioning your own intentions lately? Time to do some deep soul-searching (and I mean deep). This is the kind of week that can only bring change—it’s up to you to make it positive or negative.



What a whirlwind! Venus retrograde brought you big changes. The only thing left is to pick up the pieces. What’s the one thing you’ve been neglecting? Do that, then re-evaluate.



Oh, Gemini. Sometimes getting into your own head takes you too far away from the present. Think of something to ground you—seeing a friend, relative, or even doing something by yourself. Your feelings are valid!



Been feeling too much lately? It’s no surprise! Sometimes emotions really stack themselves up, especially with your alignment to Jupiter this month. Just remember to not take anything too personally—it’s okay to let things go.

The latest full moon brings great energy to you, Leo! Though it might be tempting to channel that energy into less productive pursuits, keep your goals in mind. Working towards a goal can be more rewarding than immediate gratification!



Tsk, tsk, Virgo. You’ve been letting yourself go! Venus retrograde meets up with the Sun, who shines light on your living space. Time to grab those rubber gloves and get to work!



Zzz… Oh, sorry! Your annual “timeout” begins next Tuesday as the Sun dips into Scorpio. This is a great time for healing and transition. Are you in the best place you can be? Think about who—or what—you want to become.



Uh oh! It’s Scorpio season! All the other signs better watch out as you are revived with that classic Scorpio energy. You do you, Scorps. After all—you know best!



It’s time to gather your tribe, Sagittarius. These gloomy fall evenings take a toll on your joy and enthusiasm. Cuddle up close to your friends and loved ones. Or find a SAD lamp—anything to get you into “Sag” season!



Feeling burnt out? Don’t try and self-diagnose, Capricorn. I think you and I both know the culprit: Stress. Thanks to your alignment to Neptune this month, you might feel obligated to take it personally. Try to laugh it off—it’s all in your head!



If you thought you were safe from Neptune’s wrath, think again. You’re no stranger to feeling jittery and anxious. This time, however, try focusing on artistic channels. Draw, paint, sculpt—any form of creative expression will help you work yourself out!



Scorpio season is kryptonite for sensitive Pisces. Don’t let anyone steal your energy this week! A friend or family member’s drama can distract you from your own path. Keep your head down and explore your feelings without acting out of haste.