I’d take that class!

Mixed race college student

College courses that should be things

By Allie Davison, Columnist

Sick of taking real(ly boring) classes every semester? We explore the courses that we’d actually like to take. Douglas College—take note! 

Excuses, excuses 1010:

The art of getting out of shit you don’t want to do

Course Code: SNEAKY 1010

Faculty: Humanities & Social Sciences

Department: Pseudo-Sociology

Credits: 8.0

Learning Format: Twitter

Typically Offered: Constantly, but only in the evening

Course Overview: Learn to weave a tangled web of lies that only you can navigate.

Course Content: Daily tweets with great ideas for foolproof reasons not to do anything you don’t feel like. Example: “Sorry, I can’t write my essay by the due date because I traded my ability to type with a witch for the ability to play sick beats on the ukulele.”

Course Objectives: By the end of the semester you’ll even be able to get out of this class (but, like, why would you want to?).