Lost in transition

[quote style=”boxed”]Your life, as you know it… is gone. Never to return.  – Bill Murray[/quote]

By Cody Klyne, Editor in Chief

When you don’t know where you’re going, it’s easy to think that it’s because you aren’t going anywhere at all. The truth of the matter is that, like oh so many imported fireworks expunged in the night sky this past Canada Day weekend, we’re all so wrapped up in the idea of the destination that the truly exciting part, the anticipation and discovery, feel like a chore. When you’re in school, you’re in school; when you have a job, you have a job; when you’re unemployed and looking for work, you’re unemployed and looking for work: our lives are defined by stops and starts. So… why do we gloss over the important bits; the transitions and segues that tie it all together?

Recently offered a seat in a program for the fall, I couldn’t help but get my Dr.Phil-pants on—that’s not a fat joke, nor is it code for lazy day sweats—and reflect on the actions that have led me to the high stakes, last shot crapshoot I’m left to deliver on now. After a week filled with meditation and hot yoga paired with a raw food diet (none of which actually happened) the biggest take away from my dissection is that which I mentioned in my introduction, which is essentially that: life just kind of happens whether you do, or don’t do, anything to help it along.

Now, I’m not a spiritual man, I think the idea of “fate” is largely a load of grade A hooey, but every now and again I think we can all relate to having gotten swept up in the gooey, miasmic current of life. Sure you could poke holes in my pseudo-philosophical theory and claim to have not only not achieved anything in the past 365, but that you also haven’t moved, or impacted anyone else. Fair enough, the life of a house cat is noble as it is cushy. If that’s not your way, you could stand on your soapbox and proclaim to Olympus, loud enough to cause Zeus himself to stand at attention, that every step you’ve taken whether it be forward or back, you’ve fought for and earned as the result of the sheer audacity of your insatiable human desire to conquer (or be conquered, as the case may be). Whatever your approach, all I’m saying is that for the rest of your life you’ll be moving and transitioning, so do as the firework and make it loud, unique, and colourful.

This month, the salubrious mid-summer Other Press crew address topics the likes of Vancouver’s upcoming Powell Street Festival, the state of BC Ferry fares, the future of the Canucks, and more; all the while maintaining a toothy grin simply because they’re a happy bunch. That’s it for me though, turn to the next page and get to reading, cause July’s gon’fly.