Player profile: Angus Ireland


Co-captain of the men’s volleyball team

By Davie Wong, Sports Reporter

Angus Ireland is a fourth year player and one of the two captains for the Royals men’s volleyball team. In his four years with the squad, he has switched between the role of setter and libero, going wherever was needed by the team. His positions were never the ones of glory, but his leadership and work ethic has been the defensive backbone of the Royals squad. Outside of volleyball, Angus is working on his Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting.

Growing up, Angus played largely other sports. He made the transition to volleyball in his Grade 10 after realizing how much he enjoyed the tactical and cerebral aspects of the game. While other sports he’s played have a certain amount of tactics as well, volleyball was the sport where he found that strategy played a larger role than physical ability.

This year, as hosts of the National Championships, Angus hopes to make a good showing throughout the season to earn their berth instead of being given a spot. He believes that the team has the skill, experience, and hunger to contest for the top spot this year.

In the future, Angus is looking to play less competitively, focusing on working towards his CPA with a long-term goal in finding a career in a small accounting firm. While he still wishes to play at a competitive level, he will be looking to play mainly beach volleyball during the summer.