Player Profile: Carson Heppell

Photo by Alvin Lescano
Photo by Alvin Lescano

Future star? Perhaps so

By Davie Wong, Sports Editor

Coming into the 2015-16 campaign, many would say that there was a lot of pressure on the shoulders of second-year player Carson Heppell. After being named the PACWEST Rookie of the Year and being selected to the PACWEST All-Rookie Team last year, Heppell came into the new season with a lot to prove. However, although many players recognize Heppell for his excellent play on the court, not many players truly know Heppell.

Born on August 6, 1996, Heppell spent most of his youth playing a variety of different sports. It wasn’t until the beginning of his teenage years that he discovered volleyball. There was an immediate connection to the sport that was different than the others. Heppell was drawn to the intensity of volleyball matches. He enjoyed the pace of the game most, finding it to be a perfect fit for him.

His passion for the game would help him become one of the best in the province for his age group and lead him to several accomplishments during his high school career at Langley Fundamental. This would transfer with him as he moved on to postsecondary, and straight into the Royals. Heppell made an immediate impact for the team, all while remaining extremely humble about it.

Heppell is also a team first type of person. He strives to be the best teammate he can be and to continually positively contribute to his squad as much as he can. His unselfish attitude regarding playing time and sacrifice makes him an essential member on a team that is unusually deep in skill. And while there is always pressure to perform well, Heppell knows that if he’s having an off-day, he has a whole line of teammates ready to back him up.

During his time at Douglas College, Heppell is furthering his education in the field of business. Although he is uncertain regarding his future, Heppell knows that he’s got a few more years left at Douglas and intends to make them count.

Meanwhile, during the off-season, you will rarely find Heppell indoors. A lover of the Canadian wilderness, he spends much of his time away enjoying the best of nature.