Prime Minister won’t leave teen graduates alone

Photo by Cameron Corrado via Twitter
Photo by Cameron Corrado via Twitter

Justin Trudeau crashes high school grad photos, post-grad events, and grad camping

By Chandler Walter, Assistant Editor


It seems as though Justin Trudeau just can’t leave his glory days behind him.

The Prime Minister was spotted last month photobombing a graduation photoshoot along the seawall, and has since shown up uninvited to every grad event the high school students have thrown.

“It was kind of cool at first like, ‘whoa it’s the Prime Minister’ and all, but now it’s just getting creepy,” said Jenni Knotapearson, a student at Fayck Secondary School. “He keeps saying that his friend Ron invited him, but no one knows of a Ron in our grad class.”

The Other Press has learned from sources that Trudeau arrived at the grad class’ camping trip shortly after their prom night. While everyone who finished high school that year was invited to attend (along with guests), many students were skeptical of Trudeau’s place at the campsite.

“He just rolled up in his super fancy car and started playing his music really loudly,” recalled camper James Kortenbaur. “He said something along the lines of this ‘not being his first rodeo,’ and that we should learn how to party from his example.”

The leader of the federal Liberal Party then allegedly called up some friends, and, before the high schoolers could voice their opposition, many members of the cabinet proceeded to crash what was supposed to be a sentimental grad weekend.

“It just sucks, right, because this was supposed to be the last time that we all get to hang out together before everyone goes off to college, but now Harjit Sajjan won’t give up his spot at the beer pong table and Marc Garneau keeps telling everyone we should move to a better campsite,” said Kortenbaur. “Whenever we ask Trudeau to get his friends out of here all he says is ‘alright, alright, alright,’ but then does nothing. What kind of an answer is that?”

The situation arose shortly after Trudeau found his way into the celebratory aftergrad that the graduates were attending, with many reports stating that he hopped the back fence to get in.

“My older brother wanted to come to the aftergrad too, because he thought it would be funny for him to attend,” Kortenbaur said in an interview. “He decided against it because he thought it might be too weird for him to be there. I wish that certain leaders of the Canadian government would have come to a similar realization.”

It is unclear how long Trudeau and pals remained at the party, though some in attendance claim that they saw him driving away in a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS, blasting Foghat’s hit song “Slow Ride.”