Seasoning the means of production

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My favourite things about fall

By Mercedes Deutscher, News Editor

Finished is the summer, which means that my favourite season has returned.

Is there anything really to hate about fall? Nothing feels better than the crisp autumn air, the delicious pumpkin treats, and watching the fall of the bourgeoisie. Yes, it indeed Marx a very special time of year.

While the heat withered me and kept me exhausted, the declining temperatures help me feel woke and refreshed.

Just the other day, I rummaged through my closet and dug out my boots, which were made lovingly by the proletariat. Summer clothing makes me sweat, but my cozy jacket, adorned with union patches, will keep me feeling warm while the one per cent take their turn at sweating. Alas, there is no better time than fall for a rally, for the masses are once again focused on how the wealthy benefit most off of education, and how the strong continue to crush the weak.

In September and October, I like to indulge in pumpkin spice lattes, as I enjoy the taste of a sustainable, unlimited resource—but only natural, non-corporate lattes. Not those pumpkin spice lattes that seek to fulfil insatiable demand, while operating on limited resources, in order to accumulate capital.

There are so many activities to do in the fall, such as going on hay rides and going through pumpkin patches. We can celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday that commemorates the rise of colonial privilege that destroyed the socialist ways of the Aboriginal peoples, in order to make way for the imprisoning free market and a broken American Dream.

Fall also represents a time of self-improvement. Whilst the children go back to school with an organized mindset, keeping their studies carefully planned out in their agendas, so will the agendas of the oligarchy be filled with their greed and disgust. A renewed school year also allows one to start anew with a fresh mindset, such as the realization that reasoning and morality will not appeal to our oppressors, and that only violence will.

Yet perhaps my favourite thing about fall is the colours. My eyes are mesmerized by the falling leaves, in shades of red, yellow, and brown that match the condition we left the Tsar in in the midst of our revolution. The leaves fall as easily as he did. We will be free to live in an anti-capitalist society and spread the communist manifesto to the citizens.

I must enjoy this season while it lasts, as winter approaches. Soon, I will have to prepare my coat to go into the cold—be it the temperature… or the war.