The Bachelor picks both finalists

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First time reality show ends in polygamy

By Chandler Walter, Bachelor Fan

In an unprecedented turn of events during this Monday’s finale of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins shocked the TV watching world by deciding to spend the rest of his life with both finalists of the reality show.

Throughout the season, Higgins had been struggling to send a woman home each week, and down to the very end, it was clear he was in love with both Lauren B and JoJo.

So much so that he even voiced his feelings to each woman in turn, a first ever in The Bachelor history. His love for both placed him in an awkward situation.

Following that precedent of never-before-seen TV, Higgins then went on to smuggle a second rose to the final rose ceremony, proposing to both women at the same time, with two different rings.

“I love both of them. They’re too good to walk away from,” Higgins explained in an interview after both women said yes.

Higgin explained that it was the dynamics of the show that ultimately led him to this conclusion, and that saying goodbye to one more girlfriend in the span of a few months was just too much to accomplish.

“I did fall in love with two women during this,” he admitted. “Going into this I didn’t think I could. But I really tried to concentrate and make each relationship its own and stay open to the process. As a result, this is where it’s left us.”

Higgins did admit that it was Lauren B. that he planned on marrying, but decided that he would give the polygamous lifestyle a try to keep JoJo around.

“I want to keep her in my life,” he said of JoJo. “I don’t want to say goodbye because that’s how much I love her. Besides, if people are alright with getting guilty pleasure out of watching a man date and dump 20 women over the course of 3 months, they should be alright with some casual polygamy, right?”

While this is a first for The Bachelor, the show’s producers felt it was best to continue on as planned, including the hour long episode of “Life After The Bachelor” which aired directly after the finale.

“We were skeptical at first,” said the show’s host, Chris Harrison. “But honestly, who really cares at this point? Most of these couple don’t even stay together for that long anyways. And it made for damn good television. If only he would’ve picked Olivia and Lace for this, now THAT would have hiked the ratings!”