The most popular costumes this Halloween

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Impress your friends with these creative costumes

By Chandler Walter, Humour Editor

Sexy Politician

Whether you’re in Canada or America, everyone can appreciate a good throw to political intrigue. With all the elections going on, political figures are practically celebrities this October! An easy do-it-yourself Sexy Justin Trudeau costume includes beautiful dark hair, coloured contact lenses (colour: soul soothing-grey) and a bodysuit of bulging muscles. Go as boxer Trudeau, long hair Trudeau, Prime Minister Trudeau, or any fun Trudeau you can imagine!

Alternatively, you can dress as Sexy Donald Trump. Costume includes a bundle of damp straw to glue onto your head, unapologetic charisma, and a boombox blasting Aerosmith’s “Dream On” everywhere you go. An easy way to pull off the Trump costume this Halloween is to get waaaay too drunk, off of both alcohol and self-entitlement.


Netflix and Chill

What better way to convince the hip young trill-dren that you’re still with the times than to dress as their favourite phrase? This costume is easy to pull off, as all you need is a red shirt with “NETFLIX” sharpied onto it, and a bag of ice. Get it? Because the ice is the “Chill” part of the costume? Because it’s cold? (LOL) And then to top it off, be sure to act sexually aggressive to all the women at the party. I mean, it’s what they should have known would happen showing up to a party that featured Netflix and Chill!


A Pedestrian

You can literally dress how you normally would! No effort necessary! You could also say that you’re a nudist on strike, or a very undercover police officer. All your friends will laugh and think you are literally the cleverest person at the party. You’ll probably even get laid with such a smart costume. Take that, people who actually put effort and time into crafting creative costumes to impress their friends and partygoers. Be sure to make a big fuss if you aren’t let into a “costumes only” event, it adds to the charm.



So you have a face, right? You’re already halfway there! This Halloween, you could dress as the popular social media website. All you need is your face (check!) and a sharpie. Take the sharpie and write “Asshole” across your face, and then literally knock yourself out with a large book. You might not wake up in time to make it to the Halloween party, but in that case you’re doing everyone a favour by not showing up with that shitty Facebook “costume.”