The Other Dress

By Aidan Mouellic, Contributor

L&S_ Other Dress 2

Justin Umali

Major: Financial Services degree

Best-dressed celebrity: “Ryan Gosling, not sure what he wears, but he’s a cool guy.”

Most desired clothing item: “Three-piece suit.”

Most embarrassing clothing item: “My boxers that have hearts on them.”

Best-dressed instructor at Douglas: “Anish Bania!”


L&S_ Other Dress 4

Liz Sax

Major: Bachelor of Physical Education

Best-dressed celebrity: “Actress Zooey Deschanel.”

Most desired clothing item: “Blundstone boots.”

Most embarrassing clothing item: “1960s SEARS dress from Value Village.”

Do you wear the style stereotype for your program: “Probably. Don’t wear runners enough though.”