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Image via www.gottabemobile.com
Image via www.gottabemobile.com

Spectacles: Snapchat’s newest accessory

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor

Can’t get enough of your Snapchat? Do you treasure every little moment that tiny ghost is on your screen, and delight in the idea of sharing random tidbits of your life with your dearest friends and followers? Well, Snap Inc., the masterminds behind the app phenomenon, has decided to add some companion hardware to their catalogue in the form of a pair of stylish, user friendly, video enabled sunglasses.

Spectacles, as they’ve been titled, will connect directly to your Snapchat app, and will be capable of recording live video in 10 second increments with a maximum length of 30 seconds. According to Snap Inc. the videos will not be sent out to everyone on your friends list, and instead be available in your Memories, allowing you to send them out later if you so choose.

For those of you that are more photography or videography savvy, the camera itself will be a 115 degree lens—a choice intended to replicate the first person perspective and offer a more legitimate “see what I see” experience. For the camera shy: Do not worry, as the sunglasses will be equipped with an outward facing light to let anyone around know that they are being recorded.

The sunglasses themselves will be capable of storing the videos you record until they can transfer them to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and Snap Inc. claims that you should have a full 24-hour battery life before you’ll need to recharge the Spectacles.

With an initial price point of $130, they do seem like a fairly pricey niche accessory—though admittedly, $130 isn’t much compared to the cost of other higher-end sunglasses. The glasses themselves will be unisex and available in teal, coral, and black; and will most likely be released in time for the holiday season.