60 years of humanity in space

Photo illustration by Lauren Kelly

In replacing the warheads with capsules to accommodate astronauts, the tool invented to destroy a world civilization was now repurposed to elevate it.

Eternal fame

Dead celebs cover v2_preview

“Youth is a powerful lure. James Dean and Marilyn Monroe died with their beauty intact, which means they will only be remembered forever young, forever beautiful.” – Elaine “Lainey” Lui

Who are the Transit Police?

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

“I would like everyone to know that Transit Police officers are on the transit system to keep everyone who uses our system as safe as possible.” – Anne Drennan, spokesperson for the Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Roll for initiative!

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

Once a week by night, however, I become the tiny but mighty Kala Greenwood, a gnome warlock chained to a powerful elemental deity from the Primordial Plane.

21 Jump Street

Graphic by Joel McCarthy

The series focused on sensitive issues that are just as relevant today as they were back in 1987, such as teen pregnancy, drug addiction, abuse of the disabled, bullying, gambling, homeless youth, homophobia, racism, rape, AIDS, and mental illness.

The birth of pride

Cover by Joel McCarthy

To fully appreciate the celebration of Pride, it is important to understand the history behind it.