Surviving on $18 for a week

Cover by Joel McCarthy

For the first time in five years, the price of the challenge has dropped to an all-time low of $18 due to an aggressive housing market.

What should I watch this fall?

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Television networks have been posting all of their new shows, but the flood of new content can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Why not right here?

Moving on out

Cover by Joel McCarthy

For a majority of students, owning a home is simply unrealistic, especially in Vancouver.

The Beautiful Ones

Graphic by Mike LeMieux
  A second death for mice and men By Adam Tatelman, Arts Editor From Huxley’s Brave New World to...

Taking the plunge

Dumpster diving 300 pix

Dan Guy breaks a wide grin as the evening sun glances off his worn cap and plays through the alley. The Montreal native’s greying beard doing nothing to hide the refreshingly childlike enthusiasm of his words as his arms bear a small basket’s worth of strawberries and oranges.

Student apathy and other problems for the editor-in-chiefs of the ‘Other Press’


You are a runner in a relay race. As your teammate approaches you, you see her hand extend, holding the baton. Your feet move to keep pace as she draws nearer. The fingers in your hands blossom out, creating a target, not just for the baton, but also for the responsibility, the confidence, the weight of the entire collective. You are the runner; you are the next editor-in-chief of the Other Press.