Millennials actually do care about politics

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Don’t assume we’re ignorant of societal issues

By Cazzy Lewchuk, Contributor


There is an assumption held by older generations that millennials do not care about serious issues. It is assumed we are too busy taking selfies, being financially irresponsible, or ordering avocado toast to really care about problems with society. Supposedly, millennials are too lazy and narcissistic to really give a damn.

I use social media a lot and follow a wide variety of people, and naturally this includes many people my own age. From my experience, it is usually the ones under 30 who are most actively talking about politics, social issues, and other important topics. It’s not just one type of person who does this, either. Whether someone often posts about complex problems or mostly just memes, the awareness is there. Contrary to popular belief, we can care about many things at once. Young women can spend their time caring about makeup and Instagram, and still know the realities of patriarchal oppression and systematic inequality.

In a world now more connected than ever before, it is easier for this generation to understand how others live. We are less isolated and more in touch with the harsh realities of societies across the globe. This leads to us being exposed to a lot more points of view and information, allowing us to form more informed opinions and values.

The young adults of today are more progressive than ever before. We are overwhelmingly rejecting capitalism, embracing feminism, fighting white supremacy, and aiming for a just and fair society. We are tired of being ignored and rejected by previous generations that have given us a world of irreversible climate change, high income inequality rates, and a Donald Trump presidency. It is the “lazy millennials” who speak up for equality and aim to create a society where everyone is accepted and provided for. We may not share all the same values as our parents, but that’s because we come from a different era. Do we really have less of a work ethic, or are we simply rejecting the idea that one should spend their life working for low wages at something they hate just so they can survive? Are we too irresponsible to save money, or are we living in a time when financial security is mostly allocated to the privileged?

The world today is much different than it was a few decades ago. We may have more access to technology, but we are facing a much scarier future than previous generations. Politics is complicated and dull at the very least, and there are no easy solutions to any of the complex problems facing the world. I truly believe our generation cares more than any generation that has come before, and we are seeking to create a better environment for the future.


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