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‘Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can’ album review

By Lauren Paulsen, Senior Columnist


Most Canadians know that Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space. But Hadfield is a man of many talents. Not only did he serve as a commander of the International Space Station, he also has an engineering degree, is a former pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force, is an author, and happens to be a successful musician.

Hadfield recently came out with an album, Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can. I would have to say that this is probably one of the most unique albums ever recorded, because not only are the majority of the songs about space from the perspective of an astronaut, but many of the songs were actually recorded by Hadfield in space.

The album itself contains 11 songs, plus 1 bonus track. Many of these songs were co-written with Hadfield’s brother, David. Several are personal, such as “Space Lullaby,” which Hadfield wrote for his daughter, or “Big Smoke,” a song that his brother wrote for him as a gift for his first space launch. The bonus track at the end is Hadfield’s cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” If you haven’t seen it already, you can find a video of Hadfield singing this song in space on YouTube.

Hadfield tends to favour slower songs on his album, though there are a few that pick up the tempo, such as “Ride That Lightning.” If I had to choose a favourite song, I’d be torn between two: “Jewel in the Night” and “Feet Up.” The first is a beautiful space carol that I imagine will be playing on the radio a lot at this time of year. The second is a fun little song about being in zero gravity. The first line of “Feet Up” really caught my attention with its humour: “Can’t put my feet up, can’t hold my lunch down.” It made me laugh.

Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can is definitely worth listening to. It is probably the most unique album that I own. Even if the genre is not for everyone, I think everyone should give it a listen anyways. The perspective is brilliant, and it gives normal people a glimpse into the life of an astronaut. This is something that you’ll want on your Christmas wish list.

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