The War of the Web

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The year is 2018, though to those of us in the trenches, we just consider it Year Three. Three years of struggle. Three years of strife. Three long years since the Great Evil “broke the Internet,” actively destroying any semblance of order, decency, and originality within these electric halls.


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Are you sick of a government that doesn’t really do anything? Fed up with the corruption, bribery, and murder that are ALWAYS associated with council elections? Are you tired—just like, really, really tired? I know I am.

Fire destroys four-storey apartment building in Coquitlam

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A four-storey apartment complex on 2915 Glen Drive in Coquitlam reportedly erupted into flames around 4:30 p.m. on February 16 and continued on into the night. Investigators are still determining the cause, though it has been reported that the fire is not considered suspicious.


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Controversy erupted at last Sunday’s Super Bowl game, with accusations flying from both sides of the field. Social media was abuzz over New England Patriots kicker’s comment at halftime.

The five things my crappy first car taught me

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There’s something unforgettable about a first car. I’ll always remember that first drive home from Pitt Meadows in my newly purchased 1991 Honda Prelude. It was sitting so low to the ground I could practically feel the hole in the muffler.