Cassette comeback?


It seems that vinyl albums are seeing a steady decline in use for the second time in the past 50 years. What were once deemed “vintage” and “old school” by the 20-somethings of Vancouver’s music scene are now being edged out (once again) by the rising popularity of cassette tapes.

College newsflash:

Why I'm undatable

A recent unscientific survey of females around Douglas College has uncovered a shocking discovery: I, Chandler Walter, am still completely un-dateable.

Save money, concoct coffee


With the lack of working hours available combined with bank account-crushing tuition fees, Douglas College students are finding it hard to manage their finances. A group of students have taken matters into their own hands by using laboratory equipment to brew coffee.

Breaking news:

Humour_girl can't even

In a recent incident, a young teen, Jessica Roe, evidently “could not begin to even,” as posted on her friend’s Instagram photo last Saturday.