Cover by Lauren Kelly

“There are many performers who simply wouldn’t be able to get a foot on the stage again without the Rio.” – Tyler James Nicol

Grab a controller… or four

Cover by Lauren Kelly

There’s nothing quite like getting together with three of your friends and sitting down with four controllers and a split screen, or diving into an RPG with all the content already on the disc.

Afterparty: Where do we go when we die?

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

“People have this sense—it’s either bad karma or ‘I’m going to be judged for my bad deeds’—that there are consequences,” Linda Christensen, Humanities professor at Douglas College

Old foodies but goodies

Photo illustration my Lauren Kelly

“When we try to do any renovations, we try to stick to what we have and just make it newer, but not replace the history behind it.” Rachel Chen, co-owner of the Ovaltine Café.

Is it gambling?

Cover by Lauren Kelly

Everything about loot boxes is designed to get players to want to buy more, sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

The dragon lives on

Feature by Lauren Kelly

Bruce Lee was a brilliant, kind, intense, charming, talented, funny, charismatic man who worked hard, trained intensely and wanted your input.” – Bob Wall, co-founder and CEO of  World Black Belt, Inc.