Sport: Forever

Davie wong

It’s been a long two years since, and I’ve never felt more connected to sports that I do now, despite not having played a pickup game in years.

Rampin’ Royals

Photo via Douglas College

Perhaps finding a go-to playmaker is something the team will be working on during the winter break.

Post-Grey Cup musings

Photo by Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press

If you look at the Argonauts’ active roster, only about 35 per cent of the players are from Canadian universities.

The Captain

Douglas College Student Services via Flickr

Unknown to many of the players on the court, one particular player was on the verge of something very special.

Ending on a high

Photo by Davie Wong

The Capilano Blues and the Royals battled for gold last year, and this year was their first time meeting since that fateful day.

Trust the process

Photo via Douglas College Student Service's Flickr

In terms of on-court statistics, rookie Reid Marriot has been the standout, as predicted when he joined the roster.