Dissociative Disorders

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“Well,” the psychologist said, “You’re not psychotic.”

I was back in the hospital two weeks after an episode of the Great Mystifying Brain Thing I’d been struggling with all my life sent me to the emergency room.

Turkish oil wrestling

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Ladies, does it make you uncomfortable when you see guys watching women’s volleyball tournaments for the sole purpose of watching women bounce around in booty shorts?

Menstrual sponges: An unsung hero

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Period-havers, imagine your ideal product for dealing with your personal “Red Sea.” For me, it would be something easy to use, impossible to feel, and effective on my heaviest days.

How to get a job in film

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The Canadian dollar is at a depressing low right now, which is bad news for pretty much everyone—except for American film companies looking to make movies at a low cost.


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On February 24, Adele took the stage at the annual Brit Awards to accept her award for best female solo artist. After thanking her fans and the other nominees, she made a statement that’s been making headlines worldwide: