Athleisure is bullshit

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Athleisure has taken athletic clothing, which is great, and leisure clothing, which is fantastic, and turned them into a barely palatable mess of straps that I don’t know where to put.

Salted chocolate bliss balls

L&S_Chocolate balls

Typically the recipes I feature in the Other Press are of the sweet and decadent variety. But since I’m sure you’re all inundated with brownies, bars, and bakery treats at every corner, I thought I’d flip the script and present you with a recipe for some scrumptious bliss balls.

L&S Listed: 10 holiday season dos and don’ts

L&S_Christmas do's and donts

A lot can go wrong over the holidays. It could be boredom or overwork, loneliness or too much family, or any of the myriad other things that can dampen the joy of your well-deserved break from academia. Here’s a handy list of dos and don’ts to make your holiday spectacular!

Chocolate stout cake with coffee ganache icing

Bruce loves it, and so will you!

The coming of winter (and holidays) signifies the start of baking season—and what better thing to bake than a rich, chocolatey, elaborate cake? This recipe is a classic favourite of mine, one I like to break out of my bookmarks when one of my bolder friends has a birthday party.