Wooooooah, we’re halfway there

Photo of a Lizard on a chair by @peachesanscream

Photo of a Lizard on a chair by @peachesanscream

By Chandler Walter, Editor-in-Chief


So, here we are. 14 issues down, 16(ish) more to go. A nice, long winter break ahead.

The Other Press will be going into something of a voluntary hibernation until January rolls around. Not that there will be many students walking the halls of Douglas College wondering “Hey, why isn’t there a new OP out yet? Where will I get my information on timely events, hilarious satire, or album reviews?” because you all, like us, will be taking a few weeks away from these hallowed halls of learning.

Our next issue back will be freshly printed on Tuesday, January 18, 2018 so please, do hold tight until then. It will be a themed issue (to make things easier for us, as half the staff will be attending a conference in Toronto, but that’s an entirely different Lettitor), though we haven’t nailed down a theme quite yet.

The past 14 issues have been something of a sprint. The first few were chaotic, getting people into their designated positions, training, and making sure all the timing was just right.

While I would like to say that things have fallen into a groove, I can’t. Newspapers are tricky like that, and timely. Each week there’s a new fire to put out (though thankfully not literally, yet), a new challenge to overcome, or a new contributor joining their voice to ours.

Over these past 14 issues we’ve also improved—and significantly, at that. Our layout team has created some stunning visuals, editorial is putting out articles with perspectives from right here at Douglas College, and have you SEEN some of these covers? Everyone is getting more comfortable in their position, and I can see that creating opportunity to try new things, experiment with different ideas, and improve overall.

But, of course, we still have some ways to go. We’ll be losing our Sports Editor over the winter break, and we still need to figure out what will be done with the space that he once filled.

The winter break may also leave us a little out of practice with rusty fingers and slowed wits, but I have faith in this merry band of misfits bringing you the Other Press you’ve come to expect once Issue 15 hits those happy little stands—or something even better.

I’ll end this one off wishing you all the best in your finals, a great rest of December, and by encouraging you to seriously quit procrastinating by reading the Other Press and just get to studying already, sheesh. That exam is right around the corner.


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