Hug me

Hello readers. Never one to miss a self-serving holiday, I wanted to remind everyone of my favourite day of the year: April 4—otherwise known as “Hug a Newsman Day.”

Few people know of this relatively-obscure (and politically incorrect—call it “Hug a Newsperson Day,” for propriety’s sake) holiday, and I think that’s a shame. After all, every week, the staff at The Other Press works hard to deliver information to your metaphorical doorstep, and most of the time it’s a pretty thankless job. While we appreciate, nay, love, receiving your constructive feedback, we’re still humans (confirmed: robot journalists have yet to take over) and could use a little positive reinforcement every now and then.

So, this week, don’t forget to make an effort to show your local newspeople some love; whether it’s a hug, a cup of coffee, or a smile in the hallway, we’d really appreciate it.

Over and out.