TERFs are the worst

Opinoins_womens shelter_preview

Many radical second-wave feminists—colloquially called TERFs, for trans-exclusionary radical feminists—claimed that because trans women “aren’t born women,” they cannot understand the kind of subjection “real” women experience. This thought process is echoed in many of Vancouver’s shelters refusal to provide resources to trans women.

More needs to be done in Myanmar

Muslims protest against what they say is Burma's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims photo by Jorge Silva

Not only is the way that Myanmar is being dealt with completely unacceptable, I believe it also shows the United Nations to be compliant by allowing these atrocities to occur.

Everyone is racist in a racist society


Complacency and denial has a lot to do with our hidden racism. When we deny racism, defend white supremacist ideology, and express ideas relating to segregation or white nationalism, we naturally increase the problem.