What gets your goat: Couple profiles on Tinder

Illustration by Cara Seccafien

There are not a lot of women who identify as bisexual or lesbian on Tinder as it is, so to make a profile for you and your partner to clog my Tinder feed with your “unicorn-hunting” nonsense is invasive of gay women’s space.

RuPaul, sashay away

Screenshot from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' via Observer.com

Time and time again RuPaul has proven that she cares little about the way in which many of the queens are exploited and represented on the show for the sake of attracting an audience.

No excuses for sexual misconduct

Photo by Lucy Nicholson for Reuters

Assuming your only job as a partner in terms of consent is to keep an ear out for dramatic dissent shows that you don’t care about whether or not your partner is enjoying the experience.

The #MeToo movement needs more patience

Photo by Lucy Nicholson for Reuters

We have grown up in a world where people are taught to think that men are sexy when they are strong and take charge, and that it’s normal for women to say no just to play hard to get.