Don’t wear all black when it’s dark outside

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Sincerely, a concerned driver

By Katie Czenczek, Staff Writer


Recently, I was driving home from Gateway SkyTrain station when I saw someone else’s life flash before my eyes. I was trying to turn left on a quiet street and double-checked that the street was clear multiple times before hitting the gas pedal. Just as I started to creep up slowly, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness, almost causing me to hit them with my car. I couldn’t see this person at all, even though I checked more times that what is usually necessary.

I have been driving for three or so years, and, as both a driver and a pedestrian, I have been on both ends of dealing with dangerous drivers and careless pedestrians. One of my biggest pet peeves while driving at night, or whenever the sky is devoid of light, is when pedestrians cross streets wearing clothes that blend in with their surrounding environment. At that point, people should just go all-out and dress in camouflage because drivers cannot see them either way.

You could say that I need to look harder, or be more careful when turning right or left, but trust me, I do not think there’s a single person on this planet that fears hitting someone with their car more than I do. I’ve had two close calls since I’ve started driving and those streets and faces are burned into my brain every time I’m near those streets. When it is pitch black outside, or 5 p.m. during wintertime, please, I beg you, wear something that makes you visible to the people operating death wagons.

I understand that black looks great on everyone, it really is a universally flattering shade to wear. I just don’t think that it will look that great stuck under my car as the red and blue lights roll in to save your life. If black is a must and there is absolutely no way you’ll switch to neon yellow or something along those lines, then at the very least, invest in some reflective arm wear. It could very well save your life, and my conscience.

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