DSU hosts meet and greet for international students

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

Evening included games, food, shared stories

By Jake Wray, News Editor


Leaving family behind and traveling across the globe to attend school in Canada is a difficult journey for some international students.

The DSU hosted a meet-and-greet party to welcome international students on September 27. Some international students spoke to the crowd about their experience at Douglas College so far. There was free food and games including Jenga and pool, and there was a white board where students could weigh in on questions such as “Do you think tuition fees are high?”

Rickeval Alova, a 23-year-old who traveled from the Philippines four months ago to study global banking and economics at Douglas College, said in an interview with the Other Press that he was one of the first people to arrive at the DSU party. He said he feels homesick in Canada despite living with his aunt and uncle.

“I live with my uncle and my aunt, so the vibe of having a Filipino family is still there, but you … still miss your family in the Philippines,” he said, adding that he was grateful for the chance to meet new people at the DSU party. “I think of it as an opportunity to widen up [my] network and learn a lot from other people.”

Alova said he made some connections at the party.

“I met a few people,” he said. “Asked what their programs are, played a few games. It was a good experience.”

People in Canada are welcoming and friendly, according to Alova.

“Every time you wait at the bus stop within your community, you can easily talk with them, like ‘How’s your day going?’ They’re really open. They’re really good at sharing with other people,” he said.

Alova said he is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to get involved and meet new people at Douglas College.

“As much as possible I want to join different activities, so I started off last semester joining clubs,” he said. “I just joined the DSU hip-hop club.”

The DSU thanked attendees in an Instagram post following the party.

“Thank you for sharing your stories with us,” the post said. “We are going to take your feedback to find ways to better support our international members.”

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