Holiday stress got you down?

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How to make the most of your time

By Katie Czenczek, Staff Writer


Winter break is supposed to be a joyous—or at the very least, relaxing—period between semesters. In theory, it should be a time to let your brain recover from all of the stress it endured throughout the fall semester. However, stresses from gift shopping, having to see family members that seem to enjoy commenting on everything you’re doing wrong in your life, and making the most out of your winter break before getting back into classes can almost make you crave the sweet release of the lecture hall.

It might do you, and your loved ones, some good if you just pull a Ferris Bueller and take a day or two off—and if you don’t understand that reference, I suggest incorporating some feel-good ’80s comedies into your winter holiday.

Once your expectations for how exactly your time during winter should go have been wiped from your mind, you may just actually meet them.

Now, of course my advice to you is to not blow off everyone and crawl into your quilt cave in order to watch Netflix all break. Your retinas do not need to have that bold, red-lettered logo burned into them. All I’m suggesting is that you give yourself some ample time to take a break and unwind a little. If you aren’t feeling up for the seventh staff party your coworkers are hosting, don’t go. If your family and significant other’s family keep inviting you out to Christmas celebrations that you aren’t really up for, just be honest and say no.

Granted, this is easier written than done, but sometimes just setting up boundaries with your friends and loved ones is exactly how to get the calming break you need.

Another tip I have for how to reduce stress is similar to my advice for when travelling abroad: Do not spend your entire time in a shopping mall. I enjoy shopping for gifts but I know that I made a mistake by having to run back to the mall multiple times because I forgot to buy my secret Santa a gift, changed my mind about the gift I bought my friend, or decided that my niece and nephew need to be spoiled even more with yet another present. Write a list down of the gifts you need to get and where to find them, and stick to it. It will save you a lot of time.

Hope these tips help those who are secretly dreading the holiday season. Best of luck and hope you make it to the next year.



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