New sushi restaurant opens right next to Douglas

Photo by Lauren Kelly

Photo by Lauren Kelly

Hyack Sushi review

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist


One of our favourite cuisine styles here at the Other Press is Japanese food. After our meetings, we often frequent local sushi restaurants for a group dinner. Recently, a new Japanese restaurant, Hyack Sushi, opened closer to campus—just across the street from the Other Press’s office.

Hyack Sushi is a block away from the New Westminster campus, located on the infamous Douglas Grind. When you go inside the restaurant the atmosphere of it is very traditional, and there is a dining room for groups that has a view of downtown New Westminster.

I had a Katsu Don, which is a pork cutlet mixed with egg and put on top of rice and onions.

The egg caused the pork cutlet to taste more delicious, and the teriyaki sauce that is in the rice adds a lot of flavour to everything that is in the bowl. In some of their beef food items, they use a type of beef called viande, cooked medium rare. This type of meat can be found in a lot of Japanese steak restaurants in Japan. The beef tasted juicy and chewy. They put viande in some of their appetizers and some of their sushi rolls.

An interesting food item that the restaurant has is tofu teriyaki. You still get the tender taste of tofu when it is cooked, and the teriyaki sauce adds flavour to it.

All the food items that I’ve tried at the restaurant tasted great, and they all seemed very authentic. Every day, they have a special during lunch featuring one of their most popular items.

The restaurant has a lot of delicious selections of Japanese food, and with two other Japanese restaurants nearby the New Westminster campus, students are left with a hard decision to make! Hyack Sushi is located at 55 8th Street in New Westminster.


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