Why are Asian people acceptable targets?

Screenshot from Jennifer Murphy Beds 'I want to be Neenja'

We seem to have largely agreed that making fun of people of colour is bad, but that obviously doesn’t extend to everyone.

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More like TransStink

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

I have a personal vendetta against the bus system, especially because of the occasional rude and obnoxious driver.

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Drinking culture promotes alcoholism

Various Liquor bottles backlit.

Everyone wants you to buy alcohol, and to buy as much of it as possible.

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Thrifting tips and tricks

Photo via thechive.com

After thrifting for so many years, I’ve learned some helpful tricks to make your thrifting expeditions the best they can be.

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RPG hooks: The standard

Image via believeacts2blog.com

To give you some ideas to for your next campaign,, I’ll help by providing you with some basic hooks in this new column.

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My life on medication

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

If you haven’t spent two decades in a constant state of anxiety, you can’t understand the relief when it’s suddenly gone.

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Weather improves just in time for finals

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

“Quite honestly it could be hailing fireballs that explode on impact like something out of a shitty Michael Bay movie and I wouldn’t even notice.”

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The great ‘Other Press’ coup

Screenshot of Les Miserables via Universal Pictures

From the burned-out ashes of truth, civility, and an informed democratic student body emerged the Other Press.

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Recipe for a disastrous semester

Sad high school girl sitting against locker

Serves 1 very exhausted college student or 3 well-rested college students.

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A note on history: Making a profit from ticket markup

Tickets in hand

With the problem so prevalent, one might expect governments to take more action to curb the practice, rather than the pitiful efforts that have taken place in Canada.

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The optimism of ‘Star Trek’

Screenshot from Star Trek

One of the most famous examples of its commitment to portraying a truly post-racial society was having Kirk and Uhara kiss, the first-ever interracial kiss on camera.

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Photo via Douglas College Student Services on Flickr

It’s going to be a long week ahead of the Royals softball team. They play six games in about four days.

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SPOTLIGHT: Open for interpretation

Deaf woman using sign language

To find out more information about the DSU INTR 2018 Association and their initiatives, send an email to INTR2018@gmail.com

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Let’s get soaked!

Cover by Joel McCarthy

Spring is here, which means that summer is just around the corner. Sounds like a good time to swim your heart out, if you ask me!

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SkyTrain ruling creates class warfare on Vancouver trains

Photo by Analyn Cuarto

I decided to visit the different parts of the train system and see for myself how exaggerated this controversy is.

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Gal pals partake in Best Friends Forever ceremony


Plaid and Gay have been applauded online for celebrating the “importance of female friendships,” and for being “secure enough in their femininity” to do so.

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